Types of Rallies

In the summer, most of our rallies are on fields which normally never see farm animals. There will be a tap for drinking water and a point for chemical toilets but little else apart from pleasant surroundings and perhaps a really nice view. Mains electric is a rarity at this time of year but, almost certainly, the lack of it will not worry you and you will find that you will last for a few days without it quite happily.

At other times of the year, we are often on hard standing. It may be a commercial site which we get cheaper, of course, than you would if you went on your own. There may even be the luxury of mains electric and use of the facilities there. Our holiday rallies are generally on commercial sites with electric. We normally only use fields, when weather conditions are likely to be poor, where we are confident that caravans will get on and off easily. Most rally sites are not level, so always carry at least two levelling blocks.

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