1. Registration with the Herefordshire Centre shall be deemed an acceptance by the member of these centre rules.
  2. Any site or part of a site on which a rally is held shall be for the exclusive use of members of the Caravan Club.
  3. The Centre Committee reserves the right to refuse the use of the rally site to any member or to request any member to remove their caravan.
  4. The authority for the conduct of the rally shall be vested in the Rally Marshall or his/her appointed deputy, who in the event of a member breaking these rules, shall be authorised to request such member to remove his/her caravan from the site and thereupon, the Rally Marshal shall report the matter to the Centre Committee for such action as shall be deemed necessary.
  5. Rallies commence at 2.00pm on the first day unless stated otherwise. Earlier arrival must only be with the express permission of the Rally Marshal. Rallies shall close on the last day at the discretion of the Rally Marshal, when all vans should leave the site unless arranged otherwise with the Marshal.
  6. All members must report to the Rally Marshal on arrival at the site before pitching and be prepared to substantiate their identity by producing their membership card if requested to do so by the Marshal or a Committee Member.
  7. Each caravan and towing vehicle must be placed on the pitch indicated by the Rally Marshal or his deputy with the right hand front corner of the caravan over the marker.
  8. Unless previously paid, all rally fees shall be paid to the Rally Marshal or his deputy on arrival on site.
  9. One pitch only may be reserved for a friend if this is acceptable to the Rally Marshal.
  10. Members own sanitation will be required at all times.
  11. All kitchen refuse must be taken home. Only the contents of the chemical toilets may be emptied in the pit provided at rallies. Under no circumstances should toilets be taken to the drinking water tap.
  12. A suitable receptacle should be used for the collection of waste water and should be emptied along the edges of the field, or where indicated by the Marshal.
  13. Barbeques should not be used if the Rally Marshal advises otherwise.
  14. Tents, other than toilet tents are permitted only if they are of a height not exceeding that of the bottom edge of the caravan windows, and are for the occupation of members children only. Such tents and their occupants shall be at all times the responsibility of the member concerned and should be sited behind the caravan if possible.
  15. The speed limit on the rally field shall be walking pace - 5 miles per hour. Only fully licensed drivers are allowed to drive on the rally site and in no circumstances, are driving lessons permitted.
  16. Members must ensure that their children do not trespass or damage the site owners or adjoining owners properties. Parental control must be exercised over the children at all times on rallies and at social events.
  17. For rally and social purposes children are classified as being up to and including the age of 12 years. Teenagers of 13 years and over are classified as adults for the purpose of social charges.
  18. Dogs must be kept under control at all times, must be on leads, maximum of 10 feet long, within the close proximity of the caravans and should be exercised well away from the caravans.
  19. Members must ensure that the noise from radio sets, TVs and parties must be kept to a reasonable volume. Generators should only be used between 10am and 6pm so as not to cause annoyance to other ralliers.
  20. In view of the possible danger to caravans, the flying of kites or model aircraft, the playing of ball games (other than within the area designated by the Rally Marshal), the use of guns, air pistols, catapults and other dangerous toys and the riding of bicycles on the site is strictly forbidden.
  21. The receipt of the rally slip at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the rally, or as specified otherwise for special rallies, shall be a pre-requisite to the supply of a rally plaque. No member shall be entitled to a plaque unless attending the rally with his/her caravan. Rally slips may be handed in at “Flag” at earlier rallies if so desired. Members who book in late or attend without booking, may not receive a Rally plaque.
  22. Members who book to attend Rallies and are unable to do so should inform the Rally Marshal as soon as possible, in advance, and are likely to be held responsible for any expenses incurred on their behalf.
  23. Rally fees will be £2.00 per rally (inclusive of VAT).
  24. Members expecting visitors during the course of a rally should ask them to contact the Rally Marshal on their arrival at the site so that they might be properly directed. The Rally Marshal should be notified in advance of their likely arrival.
  25. Herefordshire Centre Members attending their first Herefordshire Centre Rally are requested to indicate this on booking.
  26. Centre members achieving a Centennial Rally with the Caravan Club are entitled to a commemorative shield. A suitable plaque will also be presented for the 50th, 150th, 250th etc. Members should notify the Rally Secretary at least 4 weeks in advance of the occasion.
  27. Ensure that all vehicles are properly parked with the handbrake on. Vehicles with catalytic converters should take care when parking on grass.
  28. In the event of inclement weather, members should avoid the unnecessary use of cars. If use is unavoidable vehicles should be driven around the perimeter of the site and not through the caravan lines.
  29. All rules and notes are supplementary to the obligation which all members undertake on joining the Caravan Club and which include the observation of the Caravan Club Code, the Country Code and the Coastal Code.

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