Rally Guidance

What is a rally?

Now that you have taken the first step towards rallying by joining the Herefordshire Centre you may be wondering what to expect from a rally and what to do next. 

A good first step is to read this page and the rally rules on this web site. Most of the rules are common sense. One or two may be different from what you are used to - for example the maximum speed limit is 5mph on the rally field. 

You can print a supply of rally slips from this web site. Go to the “How to Book” page for more details 

Sign-Yellow with black HCCFollow the directions from the rally details and near to the venue HCC signs will help direct you to the actual site. 

When you arrive on the site stop at the Rally Marshal’s caravan which will be clearly marked and is usually the first as you enter the site. Having paid the rally cost you will receive an envelope containing a letter detailing what, if any, events are to be arranged on the rally. You don't have to take part in any event that may be taking place but if you do, you will be made most welcome. The Rally Marshal or assistant will show you to your peg and tell you how he wants your caravan sited. During the course of every rally there will be flag. Flag is a gathering of all attending the rally where you will find out the winner of any competition and hear details of all forthcoming rallies. Flag is also the opportunity for the Centre Chairman or their representative to thank the Rally Marshals for their efforts. 

The main thing to remember is that if you run into any problems at all, there will always be someone to help. If you want to attend your first Herefordshire Centre Rally and are still unsure, why not contact one of the Officers/Committee members whose names and contact details can be found on the Current Committee page. 

Site Fees - The site fees shown were believed to be correct at the time of going to print. Slight discrepancies may occur.

Emergency Precautions - All members are urged to equip their caravan with a First Aid kit and suitable fire extinguisher. A fire blanket is also recommended. Please ensure that a Fire bucket filled with water is placed outside the front of your caravan when sited.

Emergency Mobile Number – The mobile number to use for late cancelations and late bookings is 07879 465293. Please be mindful that this not manned 24hours, so please allow time for a response.

Water taps - The water taps on most rally fields are clearly marked either “DRINKING WATER” or “ELSAN POINT”. Please DO NOT RISK contamination by taking Chemical Toilet Products near the drinking water tap. 

Leveling Blocks - Do you carry levelling Blocks? Not every site is a flat field, so please consider carrying a supply of leveling blocks, just in case. 

 Rally opening time  - all rallies start at 2pm unless otherwise stated on the prgramme and all rallies close at 2pm on the final day.

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